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Empower your Customers with CRO

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO as most of us know it, is a crucial marketing tactic that can help dramatically increase your business’ performance. Simply put, it is the process of enabling the visitors of your site to take action. Using design and specific elements on your website, you can eliminate the obstacles that prevent your customers from converting and help guide them towards making a purchase, booking a service, or whatever your ideal conversion is.

At Humble Digital, we work with our clients to evaluate their current site and develop a plan to optimize their overall online marketing strategy. Using sophisticated, research-backed techniques we are able to pinpoint exactly when things go wrong in your customer’s journey and make impactful adjustments. The results? An improved website that works for your business instead of against it.


With heatmaps, we are able to identify where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, and more. Using this information, our team can determine the specific elements of your website that may be leading to a drop in conversions.

Analyze & Present

We collect and analyze a variety of metrics, including heat mapping, and take a deep dive into the data to find meaningful trends and insights. This information is then presented to you alongside a plan of attack to address any issues and make an impact on your site.

Test & Experiment

This is the fun part! Our team will use the plan we developed to start making small yet impactful adjustments on your site and monitor the outcomes. Utilizing techniques such as A/B testing, our team is able to fine-tune our initial findings and deliver incredible results.

The Humble way to approach CRO and eliminate obstacles to increase conversions & revenue.

Analyze Current Site & Competitor’s Site

Using best practices, combined with heat map and conversion data, our team starts by examining your entire site as well as that of your competitors. We will then analyze the data and metrics we collect to provide a more complete picture of current obstacles and possible solutions.

Implement Changes & Test

Working from a customized plan, our team will then begin to implement the changes we have deemed necessary and monitor the results. Testing and experimenting with these changes allows us to fine tune what will work best for your unique site.

Conversion Rates Increase

As your customers are more empowered to take action and easily convert on your site, your conversion rate will skyrocket and you will feel the impact on your bottom line. But our work is not done! We will continue to monitor your progress and make improvements to ensure your site’s optimal performance.

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